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Spring Is Clean Up Time in Springfield

It is springtime and lawn care in Springfield IL just got easy. Springfield lawn and landscape company “Springfield Lawn Barber” introduces a new mobile app in time for spring clean-up. The new mobile app lets you click to schedule your Springfield IL landscaping and Chatham landscape services. Read the rest of this entry »


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New Mobile App Developer in Springfield IL
New Mobile Marketing Services in Springfield

Springfield mobile app development company, LocalAppGuy, announces the launch of a new service – mobile responsive web design. LAG, Springfield’s authority on mobile apps and pay-per-click savings, has added a new product for local businesses – mobile responsive web design.

( – April 11, 2013) Springfield, IL — Chip Sigourney, founder of Springfield’s mobile app development company, LocalAppGuy, announces the launch of a new service – mobile responsive web design. LAG, Springfield’s authority on mobile apps and pay-per-click savings, has added a new product for local businesses – mobile responsive web design.

A sleek looking website for your business is worthless unless it is viewable by your customers. Because such a large percentage of searches are now made on mobile devices, you need a ‘mobile friendly’ website to reach your target market efficiently.

In an interview, Chip Sigourney explained his business approach, “Many people have really good products, services, or ideas but end up disappearing after a few months. Companies pump thousands into mailers, phone book ads, and other traditional “tried-and-tested” strategies without much to show for it. We are all about efficient marketing and finding the perfect way to reach your audience.”

The Local App Guy’s motto is, “We Work Smarter & Market You Better”. According to Mr. Sigourney, “The professionals at LAG help clients to get their name recognized through efficient online and mobile marketing.” Adapting to changing consumer trends is part of marketing you better.

It doesn’t matter what the question is, today we “Google” the answer. When your customers want something and don’t know where to look, they rely on search engines to answer their questions. With more searches being done from mobile devices, having a mobile friendly business web site has become a necessity.

One of the newly developed ‘Flexible website’ (aka ‘Responsive Website’) from LAG make it easy and affordable for you to build a strong online presence. Visiting a readable, easy to navigate website experience will turn visitors into buyers faster. And that is where the flexible web designs come in.

Theses responsive websites ‘respond’ to the device the visitor uses and presents the version of your website that fits that device perfectly. This saves the business owner money by making it possible to have a single web site – a flexible web site – that all users can access.

Local App Guy helps local businesses with mobile marketing apps, mobile responsive websites, and MOBI web pages. These sites are optimized for local searches, are search engine friendly, and integrate your social media channels. All this helps your web site become more visible to people searching for your goods and services, and a pleasant experience on your site helps convert your visitors into buyers.

Learn more about the new mobile apps business and creative web design by clicking on the links here at today. Members of the press and others with additional questions about the content of this press notice are encouraged to contact Chip.

Contact: Chip Sigourney

Local App Guy
1142 S. Spring St #A, Springfield, IL 62704

(217) 553-6670 or (217) 960-1076


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Are you thinking about GED classes in Houston? Then Stanberry Home High School is an attractive alternative to getting a GED online. Accredited home high school classes in Houston save you money as you study. Earn credits and the diploma that will transfer to any Texas College.

( – March 28, 2013) Houston, TX — John Mencheca, principal, announces new adult education classes are forming at Stanberry Home High School. “Home study is an attractive but over-looked alternative to expensive classroom instruction which is often hard to schedule around your work”, said John. “For less than the cost of GED classes in Houston TX, you can earn a real diploma.”

Stanberry-Home-High-School-DiplomaStanberry Home High School’s accredited high school diploma program was specifically designed and created for people with busy schedules and lifestyles. Home schooling is a great alternative when it comes to earning your high school diploma. The major difference between home schooling and traditional high school is the fact that you get to work at your own pace. Also, there are no time limits, there are no classes that you have to attend, and that saves time and travel expenses.

“Our at-home, distance-learning gives you’re the same instruction and the same credits as sitting in class”, said John, “You could take the GED test, or you can get a Stanberry Home High School diploma instead. Employers prefer a diploma, and best of all, you get to do all of the work from the comfort your home”.

“We are a private home school based in Houston, Texas”, says John.  “However, we are nationally accredited and our organization is registered with the State of Texas. The purpose of our program is to offer the most affordable home schooling prices in Houston.”

Many students cannot graduate due to failing a state board exam such as the TAKS test in the state of Texas or the CAHSEE Test in California, or missing a couple of required classes. Often a diploma is just a few credits away, but rigid class schedules of traditional schools put those credits out of working people’s reach.

Stanberry Home High School will aid students by evaluating the student’s previous transcripts. If the student has enough credits, they can transfer to Stanberry Home High School and graduate there. Once enrolled at Stanberry, students can work towards their diploma no matter what their schedule.

Mr. Mencheca stated, “Our students receive an accredited High School Diploma upon completion and may attend any public University or Community College. Our diploma is accepted without question throughout Texas and most other states”. Luke explained, however, that some states have unique requirements. Students are asked to call for information if they are planning on transferring out of state.

Stanberry Home High School helps students earn an accredited diploma that opens the doors to higher education, unlike some GED online classes. Stanberry’s accredited program lets each student save money as you study at home, unlike Texas GED classes in Houston.

Stanberry High School is accredited by the Global Independent Study Accreditation Council (GISAC). Their home school program and diploma is accepted worldwide by public and private Community Colleges and Universities. To learn more about Stanberry’s accreditation, please visit

For more information on high school diplomas, contact:

Stanberry Home High School

8800 W Sam Houston Pkwy S #220
Houston, TX

Phone: 713-377-1481

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LocalAppGuy Opens Springfield IL Office

LocalAppGuy, an Illinois mobile app development company, has opened its new office in Springfield. LocalAppGuy creates mobile apps for business, but this mobile app business is more than an iPhone app developer and provides desktop solutions and mobile app development for all platforms.

( via – March 26, 2013) Springfield, IL – LocalAppGuy, an Illinois mobile app development company, has opened its new office in Springfield, IL. The company builds custom mobile apps, helping small and mid-sized businesses tap into the increasingly large number of consumers that access the internet through mobile devices.

The rapid shift from the laptop to the mobile device offers Springfield businesses new ways to increase lead generation, conversion, search engine rankings, and traffic.

LocalAppGuy creates custom mobile apps for businesses and supports all mobile devices, according to owner and CEO, Chip Sigourney. “We see our mobile app business as more than just an iPhone app developer. We provide mobile app development for all platforms, mobile or desktop. With the market share so evenly split between platforms, you can’t afford to support just one type of device. That would be giving away 75% of your business!”

Local businesses that have already found LocalAppGuy range from lawn care, tanning salons and other main-street businesses to insurance associations. “Whatever your business, there’s an app for that!” says Mr. Sigourney, “and if there isn’t one, we’ll develop your app for you.”

Mobile apps give any business an edge over the competition by targeting countless mobile device users searching for their products and services. The customers seeking your business on a desktop are not ignored, however. “LocalAppGuy is a total solution. We design and develop apps, websites, and ‘flexible’ web pages. These all adapt to any platform your customers use, whether it’s iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows”, says Chip.

LocalAppGuy’s mobile apps and website each determine the kind of device it is being viewed on, and the flexible images and fluid grids automatically resize to fit the device’s screen. A responsive web design brings more exposure to your brand and gives customers convenient access to products and services, no matter where they or how they find you.

“Many mobile app development companies focus only on one single platform – mobile apps for one type of mobile device” says Chip. “We focus on providing a full spectrum of both desktop solutions and mobile apps for business clients. We are now open and ready to help other Springfield business owners.”


For more information, contact:

Local App Guy

1142 S. Spring St #A Springfield, IL 62704

Phone: 217-960-1076

Or visit their website at

Article submitted by Mike Taylor

Alert Facebook users today will notice a new change to Facebook Events pages. The old postage-stamp sized event icon is now a banner sized image.

(Note: this article originally appeared Feb. 27, more than 3 days before Mashable or any other major news-service spotted it. See the original article here: Newswire Story )

( — February 27, 2013) Camarillo, CA — An alert Facebook user and correspondent today reported a new change in Facebook’s Events Page.

“Facebook Events just got a bigger image”, said Rebecca Holman of Missoula, Montana. She sent in screen shots to show the difference.

We checked and true enough, the previously postage-stamp sized event icons have become banner sized images. This new change has a dramatic effect on the appearance of your event page.


If you are using events, it appears you can simply go in and edit or update your event. Just make sure the image you have is large enough to fill the 710 x 260 screen.

Here is a look at the old style event page with the small image. It looks rather bleak. The nice poster is barely readable. As late as last weekend, if you posted an event, this was what people saw on the page.

Somewhere after Saturday, selected users at least found a new layout when they created an event. The new format is now like a normal Facebook page complete with large banner. This is a much nicer layout and gives event planners a better way to represent their events.


Ms. Holman discovered the new format when she created an event this week. Asked if she had to do anything special or change any settings, she replied, “Nope, I just uploaded it and it happened. I was going to set the thumbnail to fit, which is what you can do when it was small, and I got this.”

On the value of events, Ms. Holman states, “Events ROCK and in a small town like mine where we are all 7 degrees of separation, they are everywhere, for everything. I get invites to events every day.”

If you use Events page to advertise your events, this is good news – things just got brighter. And if you are not using Events pages, perhaps it is time to start.

For more information, contact Mike Taylor